Frequent asked Questions
F.A.Q. (frequent asked questions) consists of many funny possible questions (and answers) about this homepage. It has some interesting background information about this homepage...

And there is a list of answers (which you always wanted to know) to useless questions... The very special about these questions (and answers) is that they are not about this homepage.

This is rather something for germans, because this translator will
translate your german texts to german dialects, such as Bavarian, Swabian and the "less widely spread" Camelot dialect, which isn't really a german dialect at all, but still funny.

My chaos work
Those of you who speak german (or at least read german), too, please have a look at
my work (Facharbeit) about chaos I did at high school. To test whether you're interested in chaos just have a look at your writing desk!

My (art)work
Want to have a look at some things I have drawn? I've put some computer paintings on this web site, because some visitors showed interest in
my work. I hope you'll like it.

"Map" of this homepage
Anti - German Telecom page
About myself

Something funny
What rotfl really means
Infos about Roald Dahl
Rotfl in Ireland
Rotfl in Berlin
Something (see F.A.Q., but this is top secret :-)
My programs
More about Stereogramme
More about RaySoftware
Interesting WWW-pages (my bookmarks)
The small extras of this homepage
Frequent asked Questions about this site
My (art)work
Answers to useless questions not about this site
My chaos work (german)

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