(this program was developped in a co-production with Florian Kirstein)

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Download RayChat 12.0

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About RayChat:

Why RayChat? And where does it come from?

First there was RayTron which had (since version 10.0) a built-in chat. And Christof Naue and many others (including us, the programmes, too) saw that this buit-in chat was great. :-) Besides, there is a need for OS/2 chat programs...

This is why we decided to release RayChat as a stand alone program. And here it is. It an easy-to-set-up chatter with a window for each user (so you can see the user typing online)!

What do you need for installing RayChat in your BBS?

Release notes:

Version 12.0

Version 11.1

Version 11.0

Version 10.6

last update: June 8, 1997
© Copyright by Johannes Schmid, Florian Kirstein