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Frequent Asked Questions about this homepage

What does this program (on the image displayed above the "My Programs" link) do?
Answer: It is a C program. It does a ROT13 string decription/encription. The pointer str must point to the string to be converted. (An example for ROT13: in: "Hello" -> out: "Uryyb"; in: "Uryyb" -> out: "Hello")

What is hidden behind the background pattern of the "Stereograms" information page?
Answer: A triangle! In this case viewing this stereogram is a bit difficult, because I had to reduce the contrast of the background pattern, so you can read the normal text on it, too.

Any other question:
Answer: 42!

Which book can I see on the title image of the "My bookmarks" page?
Answer: It's our bible. Why? Well, I happen to know that it's our only book which has that kind of old-fashioned bookmarks you can see on this image...

What kind of candy is on the title image fo the "extras" page
Answer: This is a bonbon made of glass. I bought it in my last vacation in Venetia - on an island called Murano, which is quite famous for its glass

Is there a secret page I should find?
Answer: Yes, there is a hidden page. No, you should not find it, because (1) it is secret and (2) it is not worth finding it at all :-)

last update: April 8, 1997
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