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Stereograms: More about stereograms
RDSdraw, a program to create (draw) your own stereograms. It is equipped with a graphical user interface which makes it very easy to use!
Download/Informations about RDSdraw!
MakeRDS, a program to calculate professional stereograms of any size from a given TARGA height image. DOS and OS/2 command line utility.
Download/Informations about MakeRDS!

BBSs: More about RaySoftware
RayTron, THE Multiline & Multiplayer Online Action Game for Maximus BBSs (and others, can also be used without a BBS)! Finally a program which uses the power of OS/2 and takes advantage of multi line mailboxes! (Limited DOS-Version also available). German and English version!
Download/Informations about RayTron!
RayChat, Because some of you asked us, we released RayTron's built-in chat as a stand allone program: an OS/2 multi line & Multiuser chat program with a window for each user for online typing. Easy to set up.
Download/Informations about RayChat!

3rd party utilities you might need
ImageAlchemy, an utility to convert images (you might need this utility to convert your height images to the TARGA file format). Or if you don't have a program which is able to print TARGA images but want to print the images generated by my stereogram generator programs.
Image Alchemy Page (download restricted shareware version)
PaintShop Pro for Windows is a good utility to view, convert, draw and print TARGA images (or other images).
PaintShop Pro Page (download restricted shareware version)

last update: August 22, 1997
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