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(this game was developped in a co-production with Florian Kirstein)

Download now:

Download RayTron 12.0 - multi line version for OS/2

(ZIP archive, about 300 kBytes)

Download RayTron 12.0 - "small" single line version for DOS

(Sorry, not available yet)

About RayTron:

Why another Tron-Game?

To be precisely: no idea. Primarily, because we wanted to learn the different possibilities of interprocess communication with OS/2. And all of these are can be found in this game: Semaphores, Pipes, Queues and Shared Memory! Of course, we wanted to program a Multi-User-Action-Online-Game, too :-). Don't laugh - have you seen anything like that before?

What do you need for installing RayTron in your BBS?

  • OS/2 2.0 or later (for OS/2 version)
    DOS 5.0 or later, 386 processor or better, 4 MB RAM or more (for DOS version)
  • Maximus BBS (recommended, but all others are possible, too, such as Lora)
  • ten minutes

What is it all about?

You have to steer a snake/worm or anything like that. Let's choose a real cool word for this: it's a cyber-worm :-). OK, the other important thing you've got to do is to eat tiny little yellow points (these are good for your score). If you run into a wall or into yourself or anyone else, you'll lose a life.

A small remark: in the original Tron (from the WD-movie with the same name), there are no worms, but you leave infinite lines behind you. With a resolution of 80x44 pixels, this would lead to a quick game over. This is why, the widely spread worm-variation was chosen. In the bonus levels, however, there really are infinite lines.

If this is too theoretical for you, then just download RayTron now and try it for yourself! You'll shurely have a lot of fun!

Release notes:

Version 12.0

Version 11.1

Version 11.0

Version 10.8

Version 10.7

Version 10.6

Version 10.5

Version 10.4

Version 10.3:

Version 10.2:

Version 10.1:

Version 10.0:

last update: June 8, 1997
© Copyright by Johannes Schmid, Florian Kirstein