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Sehenswertes auf dieser Homepage Just have a look...

This page has some specialities which contrast it with other home pages. These should be mentioned here...

  • It has cool programs such as the well-known RDSdraw. Hundreds of convinced enthusiastic users :) create their own stereograms (3D images, which can be viewed without any glasses - see more about stereograms) using this program. This program is free and very easy to use. RDSdraw is not the only program. Among others, you can find programs for BBSs, such as RayTron, too.

  • It has a secret page and a lot of funny things. Of course, you can't expect me to tell you where to find the secret page. Some of the funny things are told in the F.A.Q. of this homepage. Others are spread all over these pages, such as the funny images of myself.

  • The Translator This is rather something for germans, because this translator will translate your german texts to german dialects, such as Bavarian, Swabian and the "less widely spread" Camelot dialect. But there are many other extras on this page, too.

  • It has information. This is it! Good pages need information, not only thousands of lame images. All of my images are carefully designed by myself and I think they're not too lame. But that's not the point. The point is the information. That's what this site has got.

last update: April 8, 1997
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